Matt Frederick, Confectioner

mpfrederickA passion for flavor led Matt to create the Atlantic Confectionery Company: “I’m inspired by the great ocean that connects the Old and New Worlds . . . and what I make celebrates the historic culinary fusions stirred up in the wake of the trade routes.” A judicious pinch of Atlantic sea salt is the secret ingredient that brightens the entire line.

Growing up around the world exposed Matt to a variety of cuisines. He has studied internationally with chocolate masters such as Paco Torreblanca, Stefan Tréand, Norman Love, Anil Rohira, Francisco Migoya, and Jean-Pierre Wybauw. Upon completion of the Professional Pastry and Culinary Management programs at the Institute for Culinary Education, he worked for a number of venues in NYC and Boston including Flûte and the Union Square Cafe.

A member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, Culinary Historians of New York, Slow Food, and a founding member of the Manhattan Chocolate Society, he continues to study and travel, researching the culinary traditions, ingredients and innovations of cultures around the world.

Specializing in chocolate and confectionery, Matt conducts tastings and creates custom-made goods for retail, wholesale and private clients. He is particularly interested in adapting traditional confections from around the world for contemporary tastes.

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